About Hello Friend Fabrics

We love art. We love to sew. So why not do both!

 We LOVE custom textile printing (for so many reasons)

We’re Annelie and Louise, the brains and hearts behind Hello Friend Fabrics – and we’re so glad you’re here! Based in Melbourne, we’re passionate about making dresses – as well as other bright, colourful projects – and our journey began all because of one artist: creative powerhouse, Deb McNaughton

Once upon a time, we wanted access to more of Deb’s prints (and other artists' designs) but they weren’t available on pre-order anywhere else. So what do we do? Naturally, we started Hello Friend Fabrics! Our mission is simple: we want to bring more bold and bright art into your life on high-quality fabrics so that you feel empowered to get creating.

Our Values

  • Fun

    We’re here for a good time, not a long time – fun, for us, means eye-popping artwork and laughter on a daily basis.

  • Passion

    Self-expression and art are so important. Passion is the most delicious ingredient in living a full and happy creative life. 

  • Creativity

    A bit obvious, right? Creativity means collaboration & means bringing something unique and new into the world. 

Our artists

At the heart of what we do are our incredibly talented artists. It’s their work we want to honour and celebrate via our sustainable fabric printing (we KNOW you’ll love them, too).

Check out our makers directory

Do you love original art but not too handy with a sewing machine? No worries – explore the directory of our favourite makers to get clothing, bags, jewellery and much more delivered to your door.